Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 31

More brown discharge overnight and very slight cramping. Like wind pains. Felt really scared by it and phone Early Pregnancy Unit to ask if they would do HCG blood levels to check if the hormones are rising. They said it wasn't routine and to just sit tight until my scan. It's like no one understands how anxiety provoking this is. OH says I should be happy that treatment worked regardless of the outcome and that I need to stop worrying about things that haven't yet happened and so are not actual problems. I managed to calm down and spent the morning with my Mum who asked lots of questions about the pregnancy and how I was feeling. We spoke about the choice of hospital but couldn't come up with a conclusion. She wondered if the bleeding I was having was my body getting rid of an unfertilised follicle since there was more than one. Suppose it's possible. Seem to be getting tired more easily and enjoying lazy afternoons on the sofa. My breasts ache too!

On a completely different subject I managed to pick up £59.11 of shopping for 20p tonight!!! My only problem is fitting it all in my freezer! I arrived in Asda at precisely the right time for them marking down all the short dated stock to 10p and had vouchers which covered the cost. I got a large fresh chicken, chicken satays, duck spring rolls, chicken kung po, steak and vegetable pie, turkey for stir fry, lamb steaks and more which I cannot recall. I then went along to Morrisons who were also marking things down and I got some rottisserie chicken, rolls and coleslaw for free since I got a £5 voucher from my petrol spend. Every penny counts when there is a/are baby/ies on the way!!!

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