Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 28

Back aching all day and nipples sore again. Really hungry and been eating biscuits all day! Got huge fright when went to toilet this afternoon and there was brown stain in my underwear. Phone out of hours NHS number and they gave me an appointment at the hospital. Had to get OH to come collect me early from work. I was so anxious I was sweating and felt dizzy. The Manager who was on call wasn't too happy at me leaving early although my direct line Manager called and told me not to hesitate. So much for not telling anyone - almost everyone must now! Oh wasn't too pleased at going either and ranted on the whole way about "how they won't be able to do anything." I knew he was right but how could I do nothing? Saw a Nurse who checked my temperature, blood pressure and that my urine was free from infection,. She took all the details and advised me if I become very sore or the bleeding worsens to phone back. Otherwise I will be seen in the Early Pregnancy Unit tomorrow. Had a very small amount more and googled "early pregnancy bleeding". Apparently bright red blood or severe cramping is more worrisome and the brown blood I have can be very normal. Still very worried and wish I knew more about how things are. So much has gone through my mind in the past few hours. Is this a period and I am not pregnant after all? Am I miscarrying again and never going to carry a baby to term? I am so anxious about it and need to know.

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