Sunday, 11 September 2011

Day 21

Feel so disappointed and sad today having decided the outcome will be negative. Having gotten this far without bleeding I should be glad that there is a chance this treatment could work as opposed to the clomid where I bled very early. Work was difficult where my first customer was very pregnant. Then there was the 8 week old constipated baby, the 6 week old congested baby, the 2 week old constipated baby and the 4 week old dry skin baby. Then there was the "super fertile" couple looking for the morning after pill because there are "so fertile we just keep getting pregnant". They went on and on about it as if it was a terrible thing to be as lucky as they had been in conception. I felt like telling them how offensive they were being but held my breath and reassured myself they know not of my situation, even though it got me paranoid someone was out to get me. Still hyper aware of my body. Back was incredibly sore this morning, then improved, only to worsen again later on. Nipples have been intermittently burning. Someone was telling me how acupuncture has helped pains in their feet. I have heard of people getting acupuncture for infertility issues. I might look into this.

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  1. I saw an accupuncturist before conceiving both of my children, because I had really irregular cycles so it was difficult to get pregnant. She sorted out my cycles almost immediately and I was fortunate enough to conceive both times relatively quickly. I definitely think there's something in it. This is an amazing blog and I'm following your journey towards a happy ending xxx