Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day 17

Been feeling lousy all day. Sore back, head and nipples. Been really hungry. Had palpitations tonight as well and been feeling really hot at times and really cold at others. It's hard to not obsess over whether one is to become pregnant this month when one already feels six months gone! Hoping and praying for a good result. Even if my body can hold out for the required length of time before bleeding at least we will know this treatment has a shot at working. Can't stop imagining telling OH and parents that I am pregnant. My mind starts playing tricks and has me planing what I will wear, do, eat and prepare when it finally happens. Went to the cinema again tonight. Took my mind off it for a bit. Working extra over next couple of days too so this will keep me occupied though when I am there I feel like I need to keep visiting the toilet to check I am not bleeding. So a young pregnant girl today who already has a baby. She was smoking whilst shouting a swear work in the direction of a guy across the street. It just doesn't seem fair.

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