Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day 11

Been fretting since yesterday as was sure I was ovulating or approaching ovulation yesterday. Copious cervical mucus of the "friendly" type and a small brown stain on my underwear. Husband and I considered taking matters into our own hands so to speak... as insemination would be too late if this was the case. We agonised over it, me for hours, until we decided since we did not know how many, if any, follicles were present. It would also affect the semen collection if it was to be done on Friday. So, although I was climbing the walls in frustration at the potential of being fertile with no sperm there we did the sensible thing.

Had my scan this morning and relief to find that it looks as though I have not yet ovulated but could do at any moment. Three follicles at 1.6mm, 1.7mm and 1.97mm. The uterus lining is also nice and thick. What a difference from taking the clomid. It was explained we face a risk of a triplet pregnancy and I was asked if I was sure I wanted to proceed. Triplets would not be ideal but the thought of any possibility of pregnancy and I cannot refuse.

Gave myself the final injection at noon. It is important to get the timing right so insemination will be tomorrow at 12.30pm. Immediately after the injection there was a swelling and rash appeared at the injection site. I panicked although now its improved I am less troubled.

Worried that OH (other half) might be apprehensive about the three follicles but so far he hasn't uttered concern. I did tell him whilst he is at work in a room full of people so maybe we will be having that discussion later?

It's rather ironic that before going to the clinic this morning I dropped my puppy off at the vet's to be spayed. She has a full hysterectomy. The world is a funny place sometimes.

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