Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 29

Spent all day phoning health professionals trying to get some clarity. Early Pregnancy Unit (EPAS) will do a scan at 6 weeks. Until then they can do nothing else. Infertility Unit say EPAS are the one to speak to. Saw GP who thought I was going mad (was a man!). Said he thought I was probably pregnant! Knew that already! Did another test. Didn't seem concerned about the spotting although part of me wonders if he was trying to stop me worrying? He did say some very useful things though like the viability of my pregnancy has already been decided so nothing I can do or not do now will change this so I am as well getting on with life and recognise that it can go either way. I miscarry or the pregnancy goes to term. I had only trace of pink earlier today when I wiped. Back and stomach still fell weird. Sore back and heavy tummy although after a long soak in the bath both felt much better. Now am exhausted and heading to bed for an early night.

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