Monday, 5 September 2011

Day 15

Had my post IUI scan today and it looks like I ovulated over the weekend although there is still a lingering follicle, apparently that can be fairly common after an HCG injection. Nipples were less sore this morning which put me in a major depressed mode, convincing me that my hormone levels were plummeting and I would be bleeding too soon. I have become obsessed and cannot stop thinking about it. I have convinced myself this is never going to work and I am devastated already. Feeling slightly more optimistic since the sore nipples are back again this evening but still anxious. It seems as though everywhere I go all I see is pregnant women, babies and pregnant women with babies. It would be nice to just hide from the world for a couple of weeks or at least until I became pregnant, if that will ever be possible. My best friend moved to Australia last year. I could do with a girly chat right now. I miss her lots.

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