Friday, 2 September 2011

Day 12

It's strange but until now in treatment alot of the things I presume to go ahead without a problem have been the things to cause problems. Like when I was on clomid and looked like I ovulated, I definitely didn't expect to bleed two days afterwards or when I knew I was within the BMI range for treatment but the Unit argued against it. After giving myself the final injection yesterday another situation like this occurred and made me panic. I developed a large lump and redness around the injection site. After time it lessened and is now bruised so looks like I have just tweaked a vein.

Today was insemination day. I was nervous and excited. My OH worried his sample was not an adequate volume, I worried the would spill it. All appeared to go well. Not at all a pleasant experience. It's like a large set of bbq tongs being forced inside you and opened then some sort of fluid squirted in. Then the tongs need to be pulled out. I worried too that some of the fluid dripped out but I think that is to be expected. Now its all I can think about. Will it work or won't it. I wonder as well if having more than one follicle means an increased success rate or if its a case of it will work or won't regardless of how many follicles. 

In the clinic there are photographs on the wall of babies born following treatment. I couldn't help but notice the few photographs with three babies! It's going to be a long two week wait although maybe I will bleed before then as with clomid. I sure hope not as who knows where we will go from there.

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